Ken Barlow set to rave it up at Stone Henge tonight

ken barlow

Ken Barlow was spotted leaving his Weatherfield home in Manchester this afternoon wearing his special Summer Solstice party robes.

Barlow, a self-confessed druid and raver, gets down with his bad self twice a year at Stone Henge and tonight will be no different. When approached for comment, Barlow told us

“It’s gonna be sick innit? Best one yet I reckon. Gonna get enlightened with some ganja straight from the ‘dam, drop some acid. By the time that sunset comes up I’ll think it’s a fuckin’ UFO.”

Barlow then left us to go into the Kabin corner shop and was in there for several minutes. When he came out, he approached us with the contents of two shopping bags.

‘ere’, show you what I’ve got. Every year, me and me mates make an effigy of Mike Baldwin and torch it so I’ve got some bog roll, flour, glue and lighter fluid. While it burns we chant “fuck you Baldwin” and dance like Bez from the Happy Mondays. Me contacts in the spirit world tell me it pisses him right off! It’s fuckin’ great!”

We noticed he had several pots of green hair dye. When asked about them he said

Tradition! Green represents nature dunnit? It’s to dye our hair and beards. Deidre used to hate trying to get it out me hair, she got a bit serious after prison. Anyway mate, gotta get going now haven’t I? Gotta meet me dealer now and I doubt he’d wanna be in the paper, know wharra mean?”

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