Derek Acorah insists he’s not a fake because there are no spirits left in the spirit world

Derek Acorah opened up in a Magic Mirror interview yesterday about being branded a “fake” by Really TV Show Most Haunted.

Whilst filming at Bodmin Gaol in Cornwall, resident parapsychologist Dr Ciaran O’Keeffe invented the name Kreed Kafer – an anagram of Dereck Faker – to test Acorah. However he failed the test with flying colours after becoming supposedly possessed by the fake ghoul. Despite this, Derek insists this was for a good reason:

“Look, anagrams aren’t my strong point. It was Most Haunted not Countdown. Ciaran thought he was being clever, got a degree have ya? Anyway, I was doing what I could to keep that show afloat because let’s face it, what bores are still watching it after I’ve gone? Ciaran, although he’s clever, he was last in line when they were giving out charisma. And the rest of them, it’s just all ‘what’s that noise?’ for an hour. Who cares? I brought the show to life. Talk about dead people, it was the cast that were dead not the spirits. I’ve heard they’ve started punching the sound men and make-up artists on the sly now when they’re in the dark to liven it up. Good luck with that!”

When questioned about the integrity of his psychic abilities, Derek insists he is highly gifted however he’s now struggling for work:

“I got told by a male man in the world of spirit that they’re all moving to a new a dimension and it’s harder to get in touch with them. Bit like changing your phone number but psychically. Been getting worse for years now. Sam fades in and out like Al from Quantum Leap. He’s never there when I need him. Like that time I got done over in Rhyl town centre by ghost scallies, he wasn’t there to stop my spiritual wounds. And when I was given the name Kreed Kafer, he wasn’t there to go “this isn’t the right fella Derek, it’s Ciaran workin’ the head on ya”’

Derek is due to enter the Big Brother house tonight for Celebrity Big Brother 2017 and can’t wait:

“I’ve been approached by Channel 5 producers to go in, which I can understand because I’m more entertaining than Leo Sayer and Barrymore combined. I just hope I’m not in it with with a load of sceptics or bores. And if they put Ciaran in with me, I tell ya, it wouldn’t be pretty – I’d twat him the meff. Be good telly though wouldn’t it?”

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