REVEALED: Searching “turd” in Facebook will bring up your brain

Mark Zuckerberg is in hot water today after thousands of Facebook users shared a post informing them they could view their brain if they search the keyword “turd.”

The results reveal an image scan of your brain likened to a hot steaming pile of shite with flies upon it.

Not everyone was disappointed however – Facebook user Gerald Johnson explains why he was actually quite pleased:

“I searched for mine because I’d always had a weird longing to see my brain and I was quite shocked to see an actual turd. However when I searched my mate Dereck’s, my turd was considerably bigger than his, so all’s well that ends well I guess!”

This comes just after fifteen people have filed a lawsuit against Facebook after being wrongly blocked by just over 14,000 people. An erroneous Facebook post told users to search ‘following me’ in the name search bar located in the ‘blocked users’ screen which therefore brought up the nearest results of people named closest to the words ‘follow’ and ‘me’. These fifteen people were then deemed debauched, lurking goblins who like to follow randomers in secret looking at their family photos and Asda competitions.

In a statement, Zuckerberg said:

“How am I supposed to know everyone who uses Facebook is a turd? It’s not my fault. Maybe I should change the name to “Turdbook” then, ay? Then I won’t get sued.”

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